Genevieve's fancy Princess dress
Genevieve's fancy Princess dress

Our whole family gets into Halloween
Our whole family gets into Halloween

Easter egg hunting in Dayton
Easter egg hunting in Dayton

4 cousins and their nona
4 cousins and their nona

More photos
Posted by TAZ Fri Dec 19th, 2008 06:45:00 PM

As a start to the Holiday fun I've added more photos. Soon more improvements and backdated photos will arrive, and finally I should start writing and posting photos (and even video!) on a regular basis.
For now, here are the new photos.

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Updates. Photos. We're Back!
Posted by TAZ Thu May 15th, 2008 08:56:00 AM

After quite the haiatus I've updated to a new layout. Photos and features will be working their way in through the next week or two. I do have a totally new site design in mind but that will be much later in the summer at the soonest.

For now enjoy some recent photos of the family. I'll be back-filling a lot of the old photos soon, then setting up galleries. Expect regular updates as well. Lots of things have been happening in our lives.

And apologies to our Spanish-speaking family. I will be getting translation working at some point.

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Happy Halloween!
Posted by TAZ Wed Oct 31st, 2007 02:21:20 PM

It's finally our favorite holiday of the year.  Genevieve has been anticipating tonight for about 6 weeks.  To kick things off right Gen had some "spooky cake" for breakfast.  That's what she calls vanilla yogurt - I'm assuming because it looks ghostly to her.

We'll be getting dressed up (of course!) and touring the Whitman residence halls - warm, safe, and entertaining.  The students are really friendly and love seeing the little kids all made up.

Jane will be bringing the girls by the office today - that's always a hit.  Unfortunately about half of the office is out between travel season and cold/flu season, but that's how it goes.

Over the weekend we attended a great Halloween party in the Tri-Cities at our wonderful friend Sparky's house.  It had been ages since we'd seen the crowd there and our girls were a hit.  They also behaved like champs and stayed up until 11 (which they never do!) and yet were well-rested and happy the next day.

And on that next day we went to my parent's house in Dayton and then attended the annual school Halloween carnival.  Gen had a chance to get a bit crazy (which she always does there) in a safe environment and Izzy even let loose some.  Much fun was had by all.

Photos will be forthcoming.  We've been having so much fun in costume, we've been forgetting to take pictures.

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Gummy (mis-)adventures and Fruit Grownups
Posted by TAZ Tue Oct 16th, 2007 01:46:23 AM

Well we've been having fun with Genevieve and snacks lately.

Yesterday Nona Ivonne let Gen go home with a half-stick of chewing gum.  No problems in general, she's had gum before and been responsible with it (usually).

So much later that evening we're working on things around the house and getting ready start the "getting-the-girls-to-bed" process when out of nowhere Genevieve starts screaming bloody murder.  Jane and I sprint over to the couch where she's writhing and screaming about her nose.  After getting her calmed down a bit (though she's still crying and in agony) we get her to tell us what happened:

"I put my gum in my nose!"

Sure enough, looking waaaaay up one nostril there was the chewy culprit.  Retrieving the offending material took more psychological work than physical - Gen freaked even more when she saw the dreaded tweezers (fell tool of sliver-removal).  Once we got it out she was calm as can be and very intent on taking to heart our lecture on not shoving things in your nose.

Less dramatic but still funny - Gen's become enamored of Fruit Rollups which, through some subtle mental translation error, she insists on calling "Fruit Grownups."  All attempts to correct her are met with firm denial.

I think she likes the idea of a grownup snack.

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I'm in Washington D.C.
Posted by TAZ Wed Mar 7th, 2007 10:15:00 AM

Got here last night, traveling as part of Whitman College's cohort that's attending the DUG (Datatel Users' Group) annual conference.  Trip was nice and uneventful, weather is fantastic, and DC is a very interesting town...I've got the day mostly free so we'll see what I get out to see.  Oddly enough, I think the Zoo is going to be stop #1.

Hopefully I'll get some photos posted up periodically.  Looks like we've got access enough to enable that.

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More Gen-speak
Posted by TAZ Thu Dec 7th, 2006 09:48:13 PM

Well, we've finally hit that threshold moment people have assured us was going to come sooner or later.  Genevieve is now a linguistic sponge, gleefully parroting and learning new words and phrases at a furious rate.  She's maintaining her equal prowess in both English and Spanish and truly understands that there are different ways to say the same thing.  I quiz her regularly, asking the English (or Spanish, depending on what we're speaking at the time) word for something that she's just named or asked for in the other language.

It's a really neat process.  I've really got to work on my Spanish if I want to maintain hope of staying up with her as her skills grow.  Right now she might actually understand more than I do!

I've also noticed that her linguistic patterning is more heavily influenced by Spanish than English.  The majority of the phonemes she uses (basically the "sound blocks" that define pronunciation) are predominantly those of a Spanish-speaker.

One cute anecdote to illustrate that observation, with some background:

We have a fun game that we play with Gen.  One of us will ask her "Where's my kisses?" to which she always responds "Right here!"  Time passes without any kisses actually transpiring.  Ask again: "Where's my kisses?" At that point she'll repeat "Right here!" and deliver said kisses.  Tons of fun.

The other morning I was placing her in her car seat and asked here where my smooches were.  Her response: "No 'mooches, kisses!"  Besides being a hilarious declaration - one that she stands by; she is totally anti-smooches and pro-kisses - she just can not pronounce a leading 's' like on smooches.  And yet right now she's responding to her Nona and says 'Si' just fine.  Aren't linguistics neat?